Apply now to become an Editor-at-Large

We welcome applications for the position of Editors-at-Large from graduate students and advanced undergraduates.

The Toynbee Prize Foundation’s Global History Blog features a mix of long-form interviews with global historians, historiographical pieces, and short-form material of interest to our readers: job posts, cross-postings from other blogs, and recently published articles.

Editors-at-Large will gain exposure to one of the most vibrant fields in the discipline today while staying up-to-date with current work in the field of global history. Most notably, they have the opportunity to interview pioneers of global history: from younger academics who have released innovative new works to more established intellectual trailblazers. Editors-at-Large either pitch their own interviews or are assigned interviews to undertake. Past interviewees include Susan Pedersen and Adam Tooze (Columbia University), Cemil Aydin (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Vanessa Ogle (University of California, Berkeley), William Rankin (Yale University), Seema Alavi (University of Delhi), and Sebastian Conrad (Freie Universität Berlin), among others. We are especially interested in interviewing scholars working on or located in the Global South.

To apply, send your CV and a brief description of your experience and interest to

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