Fifth European Congress in World and Global History opens today in Budapest

The fifth European Congress in World and Global History opens today in Budapest. Organised by the European Network in Universal and Global History, the Central European University and Corvinus University and hosted together with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Hungarian Historical Association, the event brings together some 650 scholars, students, and professionals working on global history.

In line with the centennial of the Russian Revolution, the main theme of the conference is “Ruptures, Empires and Revolutions.” According to the organisers, the aim is “to explore the global context and repercussions of the revolution in particular while debating the role of revolutions in global history in general.” The conference opens with a keynote lecture from Tamás Krausz (Budapest) titled “Lenin on global history and the global historiography on Lenin.” Participants will then take part in more than 150 panels, clustered around fourteen themes in global history:

  1. Actors: Biographies and mobilities
  2. After empire: Complicating colonialism and decolonization
  3. Concepts and approaches
  4. Economy and development
  5. Endings of empires: Collapse and legacies
  6. Global governance and international affairs
  7. Knowledge: Production and circulation
  8. People, labour, and demography
  9. Respatializations
  10. Revolutions and revolutionaries: Comparisons and connections
  11. The making of regions: Transregional encounters and dynamics
  12. The Russian Revolution: Global connections and legacies
  13. Transformations of empires: State formation and society
  14. Wars, ruptures, and violent transformations

Click here for a copy of the programme.  Stay tuned to our website and twitter page for more updates from the Congress.

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