“Global History Day” (Conference, University Of Dundee, Scotland, May 18, 2016)

The University of Dundee’s The Scottish Centre for Global History is pleased to announce Global History Day, to be held at the River Rooms, Humanities Building, Tower at Dundee on  May 18, 2016. The program is planned as two session: the morning is “New Work in Global History” by book launch of Matthew Graham and Felicia Gottmann, and the afternoon will be remained on “Secessions and Declarations of Independence” by Steve Pincus from Yale Univesity. The conference announcement explains more about the program,

The Scottish Centre for Global History at the University of Dundee presents Global History Day, an event to mark the occasion of a visit to Dundee by Steve Pincus (Yale) on 18th May 2016. 

The morning will be devoted to ‘New Work in Global History’, which will see the launch of new books by Dr Matt Graham, The Crisis of South African Foreign Policy and the ANC: Diplomacy, Leadership and the Role of the African National Congress, and Dr Felicia Gottmann, Global Trade, Smuggling, and the Making of Economic Liberalism: Asian Textiles in France 1680-1760

The afternoon session ‘Secessions and Declarations of Independence – a global perspective’ with Steve Pincus, will feature responses to Steve’s latest book manuscript on the American Declaration of Independence (which will be precirculated to those wishing to respond). In a second session following this, invited speakers and workshop participants will reflect on secessions and declarations of independence from a global perspective. We are hoping that this will encourage a lively debate on independence and secessions both historical and contemporary. 

The conference organizers note that “attendance is free and we particularly welcome graduate students. However, places are limited so please register by emailing Jenny Gorrod (HumanitiesDeanSec@dundee.ac.uk )”. You can also view  the full program via this website.

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