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The Global History Forum is a platform that promotes the latest in global history scholarship and engages in meditations on global history today. In addition to regularly appearing interviews and think pieces, the Forum seeks contributions devoted to any aspect of global history or the formation of scholarly communities devoted to a specific topic.  More than that, scholars whose own research centers on a particular time and place may invite a more comparative, global framework by inviting specialists from other fields to comment on the problem that confronts them – hunger, development, or territoriality, for example. As members of an international scholarly community, contributors are welcome to post — in any language — scholarly essays, descriptions of their current research, a statement of topics they would like to see discussed, or comments on issues important to global history.

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As noted above, however, the Global History Forum does not just rely on outside Contributors. The Forum  conducts interviews with established and rising global historians, with an emphasis on scholars at or past the post-doctoral level, or those with recently appeared or soon-to-appear projects or publications.  But we can’t do it all on our own, and even we sometimes miss rising young stars or projects in the field. Hence, if you have a suggestion for the Global History Forum – a scholar whom you would recommend that we interview, a topic you’d like to see us address more explicitly, or if you would like to propose yourself for an interview – or would like to be considered for an interview yourself, please contact us at

Contribute to the Global History Blog

While the Global History Forum relies on a traditional submission model, the Global History Blog is an experiment in reversing the direction of the publication process. With help from the community, we aim to surface and highlight pieces on the web that advance global history scholarship. While most of the content reviewed for the Global History Blog is compiled from RSS feeds, we are aware that worthy pieces and announcements may not be distributed through these methods. If there is a particular piece, conference, or job announcement that you would like to nominate for distribution through the Global History Blog, please email us at